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For 390,000 dollars Bolaffi purchases the first Apple computer ever produced - News - Bolaffi | Collections since 1890
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For 390,000 dollars Bolaffi purchases the first Apple computer ever produced

Bolaffi compra all'asta primo computer Apple


Turin, 9th July 2013 - For 390,000 dollars, the Italian company Bolaffi bought at Christie's auction one of the rare, still existing Apple I model, the first computer conceived in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, founders of the famous company from Cupertino. When it was produced - in approximately 200 pieces - its selling price was 666,66 dollars.


Bolaffi has purchased this milestone of the technological revolution by involving in a "club deal" a chosen group of individuals, who followed the company's advice in order to invest in a fundamental item in the history of digital communication.


Thanks to this deal, Bolaffi aims at seizing opportunities on the collectibles' market and at offering its experience not only to passionate collectors, but also to investors who, regardless of the specific object, want to approach "shelter goods" in order to diversify their savings.


Giulio Filippo Bolaffi, C.E.O. of the Bolaffi Group, stated: "Apple I represents the starting point of a charming history, which has led Apple to its current well-known position. Bolaffi is proudly entering this new memorabilia market, although some years after the pioneers of this domain, like our distinguished fellow citizen Marco Boglione, who bought one of these items in 2010. This computer is the icon of the "technological vintage" collection, which is bound to be popular and shown in many collectors' houses, just like jukeboxes in the 80s and 90s. Certainly there is still room for an interesting increase of the value of this item, especially if we consider its international appeal."


"The idea of building a group of investors in collectibles - Mr. Bolaffi explains - had been explored for many years. Apple I is a big shot and it would be a great risk for a single investor aiming at diversifying his portfolio. The opportinity to own just a part of it represents instead a lower-risk investment, but still to actively participate in its purchase and at the same time, to own it and knowing it is kept safe and visible at our firm. In these uncertain times, it is important to own tangible goods, which will always keep their intrinsic value, regardless of currency fluctuations, interest rates spread and stock exchage variations, and which can anywhere in the world can be monetized. Bolaffi has been promoting this philosophy among its philatelic and numismatic collectors for many years and we believe that, in future times, there will be greater and greater attention for items such as stamps, coins as well as for memorabilia born from the new trends, of which the  Apple I is their icon."





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