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Numismatica - Bolaffi dal 1890 Francobolli Monete Collezionismo
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Bolaffi Numismatics Coins

History is rooted in coins

Coins have always told a country's history: they are the tangible, concrete evidence of epochs, events and characters. The attention devoted to the most significant and important traces of history and human ingenuity has led Bolaffi to focus on other valuable collectables, such as coins, in addition to stamps.


By virtue of our great experience, we have expanded Bolaffi's horizons to encompass antique coins with specific reference to pre-unity Italian States, the Italian Kingdom and the Italian Republic, including banknotes issued by the Bank of Italy. As ever, our objective is to offer the best, soundest and most professional advice to combine the pleasure of collecting with the historically most tried and tested forms of investment offering the best prospects of growth.

Passion and intelligent saving

Coin collectors firstly feed a great passion. However it must not be forgotten that numismatics is also a solid form of alternative investment and collectors are well aware that their hobby is also fruitful. Calling on Bolaffi's experience means relying on a sound reference point, an essential condition especially for collectors who do not have the time to follow the developments of the coin market closely.

The Bolaffi Quality "Numismatic Certificate"

Fruit of the work of a team of experts who analyse each coin and banknote in detail, the Bolaffi Quality "Numismatic Certificate" is the most sought-after of all guarantees: unique in its kind worldwide, the certificate illustrates the quality level of each specimen and consequently links its price tag to its state of conservation. The certificate expresses the absolute protection that only Bolaffi customers can be offered.