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Philately - Bolaffi | Collections since 1890
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Philately stamps Bolaffi

Philately, the "training grounds" of collections

"History for us is a collector's item": this is the philosophy adopted by Bolaffi with pioneering imitative since 1890 in the field of stamp-collecting. Stamps have always been Bolaffi's core business: from the "Penny Black" to the latest developments with an eye for first issues of early Italian States, through the stamps of the Kingdom and the Republic - besides San Marino and the Vatican - to turn albums into entertaining, modern historical reportages.


By considering philately as the privileged "training ground of collections", Bolaffi also focuses on the documents that forerun the genesis of stamps in historical and collector's terms. In this perspective, ancient Sumerian tablets, medieval parchments and letters written by Renaissance merchants are the tangible tokens of the development of the written word through the ages.

Investing in stamps

The traditional forms of investment linked to the stock market have shown worrying lack of certainties over the past years: unforeseeable changes and high volatility have forced many small savers to attempt complicated acrobatics in the vane search for safe investments. The need for solutions capable of protecting savings from the risks of the stock market and, at the same time, of ensuring satisfying returns has pointed many towards more reassuring forms of investment. Stamp collectors are well aware that a "good stamp" is a prudent form of saving that is both secure and projected into the future: a thoughtful, smart and tax-free investment. Furthermore, stamps offer an array of interesting investment options starting from more than acceptable prices. The support of an expert consultant who knows the market and can express qualified opinions on the various proposals is crucial.

Stamps and coins: investment "oaks"

We believe that the poplar and oak tree metaphor is useful to clearly and correctly illustrate the choices that small savers are called to face. Poplars are fast growing trees that can unfortunately be felled by the first storm. Oaks, on the other hand, grow slowly. Their wood is solid and their roots burrow very deeply into the ground. Many stamps and coins as just like oaks. These assets founder their roots soundly into the ground of the world's most popular collectables and many specimens have experienced constant growth for over one hundred years.


Bolaffi has created the "Collection Oaks" program for these typical "safe investments". Stamps and coins that have constantly appreciated in value in time are carefully selected and proposed in this collector's investment program. "Collection Oaks" items can be purchased starting from 1,000 euros. In addition to tranquillity of an investment of proven validity under all circumstances, you can start experiencing how exciting stamp and coin collecting is.


For more information on the program, please e-mail us at or call the Bolaffi Consulting Office on 011 5576300.

The Bolaffi Quality "Financial Philately Certificate"

We at Bolaffi have always devoted the utmost care to safeguarding our customers. Stamp collectors receive the Bolaffi Quality "Financial Certificate", the most sought-after of all guarantees, with each of the most valuable stamps they purchase. This certificate - unique in its kind worldwide - links the price tag of each specimen to its state of conservation compared to its catalogue value. The certificate is the result of the work of a team of experts who have handed down generations of knowledge and experience. Their work is backed up by our historical archives: our museum counts a number extraordinary and unique specimens, including a draft of the "Penny Black", the first stamp in the world.